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Titan is powerful in terms of customization, but this article lists the most basic things that Titan Administrator should set up first.

General Settings

General Settings

Go to Admin Panel → Website → Settings → General.

Field Description Example
Website title Every occurance of the word 'Titan' will be changed to this Titan
Webiste slogan Shown in browser tab title Revolutionary GPT+PTC+TE+REVSHARE script
Description Site description in search results (Google, Bing etc.)
Planned CRON time Displayed to users in the View Ad section 23:50
SSL policy Read this article
Show cookies popup European Union requires to show information that the site uses cookies


Authentication Settings

Go to Admin Panel → Website → Settings → Authentication.

Field Description
Email instead of Username If enabled, users will be authenticated via their email address, not username.

This option can improve Titan Script's security, because member usernames are publicly known (in contrary to their email addresses)

Secondary password If enabled, users will be allowed to use additional password for their authentication
Detailed ban message If enabled, users will see detailed ban information when they try to log in, e.g. You account has been banned for cheating: 100% cheater - used duplicate IPs and referral system detected.

If its disabled, members will see this message: Your account has been suspended for potential fraud. You can contact us for more information

Virtual keyboard Displays a virtual keyboard when logging in
Registration policy Authenticate immediately or require email confirmation
Require detailed information during registration Additional fields: First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State/Province, Zip/Postal Code, Gender. Country is detected automatically
Default avatar Default avatar for all users that didn't upload their own

Vacation and inactivity

Vacation & inactivity Settings

Go to Admin Panel → Website → Settings → Vacation & inactivity.

Account Expiration

Field Description Example
Account is Expired After If a user does not log in within the specified number of days, his account status will change to Expired. He will be unable to log in and no further inactivity charges will be applied 100


Field Description Example
Apply fee After If a user does not log in within the specified number of days, his Main Balance will be charged 30
Fee The amount that user's Main Balance will be charged each day after the specified number of days 1

Vacation Mode

Vacation Mode is a way to avoid account expiration and inactivity fee. If Revenue Sharing and AdPacks are turned on, it also allows users to not complete Daily required clicks and still receive returns for their AdPacks.

In Vacation Mode:

                1. User cannot withdraw the money

                2. He will not lose money because of his inactivity

                3. He will still receive his referral earnings

                4. He will still receive portfolio unit earnings

                5. His account will not expire

                6. If Revenue Sharing and AdPacks are turned on, he does not have to complete Daily required clicks to receive returns for his AdPacks.

Field Description Example
Is enabled Enable/disable Vacation Mode
Cost Daily Vacation Mode cost 0.5

Titan Script Features

See Turn Features ON/OFF to see how to choose functionalities for your website.

Texts & News

Go to Admin Panel → Website → Texts & News.

This is a place, where Titan Administrator can edit:

  • News that are displayed on Titan Script Login page
  • FAQ*
  • Terms of Service*
  • Privacy Policy* *these pages are linked to in Titan Script footer
Titan Script footer

E-mail Drafts

To edit e-mail drafts, go to Admin Panel → Website → E-mail Drafts.

Important note: do not change text between %% marks. Those are variables which will be replaced with appropriate values.