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How can I see detailed error messages, instead of generic error page?

See Detailed error messages.

Can I customize the script locally, and then upload it to my server?

Yes, of course. It is a recommended way to make customizations. See Running Titan Script on localhost.

How do I change the text on the home page? I'm not sure what file I need to edit.

See Changing text on the home page.

Why does Titan have different Balances?

See Balances.

How to manage Forum?

See Forum Administration.

I love the script, but I would need to use Bitcoins. Is there any possible way to do it?

Yes, and it's really easy. See BTC Integration.

Is it possible to create Groups in the Revenue Sharing?

Yes, Titan allows you to customize the Group System to be as simple or complex as you need. See Revenue Sharing Groups.

What is Daily maintenance?

See Daily maintenance.