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Profit Distribution Policy
Fixed Amount Settings
Distribution Frequency

Profit Distribution controls how money for AdPack returns is distributed.


There are two Distribution Policies available:

  • Pools - the amount of money that users receive each day depends on Titan Script's daily profit (see Admin Panel → Revenue Sharing → Profit Division) and is calculated automatically.
  • Fixed Amount - the amount users receive each day is set up manually by Titan Administrator (go to Admin Panel → Revenue Sharing → Profit Distribution → Policy → Fixed Amount). This option is not recommended as Titan Administrator might end up paying out more money than the site earns.

Distribution Frequency

Users can receive money for purchased AdPacks either every day (default), or every hour. To run Profit Distribution every hour, go to Admin Panel → Revenue Sharing → Profit Distribution → Distribution Frequency → Settings and change Distribution Frequency to Every hour.

If Distribution Frequency is set to Every hour, CRON file located in must be set to run every hour (using any Scheduled Task/CRON service). It is also important to rename this file to a random name (to prevent fraud executions), e.g.