Revenue Sharing

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Turn on Revenue Sharing

Revenue Sharing is a very complex feature that allows Titan Administrator to create a proper advertising business which shares revenues with users.


Important note: Enabling Revenue Sharing will delete all Rented Referrals that your users have. Also, PTC ads will be disabled (Cash Links and AdPacks can be used instead) and deleted from database. Disabling Revenue Sharing will delete all Cash Links.

To enable, go to Admin Panel → Revenue Shares → General.

Revenue Sharing Administrator

Existing user that will be used for monitoring profits from Revenue Shares. This user's Main Balance will be set to 0 and he will become the Direct Referer of all the users who sign up without a referer (his referral limit will become unlimited). It is important that this user is not used for testing Titan features - it could change his balances and result in false statistics.

Main Features