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Banner Dimension settings, AdPacks section in Administration Panel
AdPacks Settings in Administration Panel
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AdPacks - packages of ads similar to PTC advertisements* and Banners. When user buys an AdPack and watches the required amount of advertisements each day, the money he paid for the AdPack is returned to him with excess over a period of time (See Profit Distribution). Each day the user receives a small amount of money until he reaches the specified amount. AdPacks are part of Revenue Sharing.

*users don't get paid for watching AdPacks advertisements. For paid advertisements in Revenue Sharing System, see Cash Links.


To enable AdPacks, it is required to turn on Revenue Sharing (Admin Panel → Revenue Sharing → General) first. Then go to Admin Panel → Website → Turn Features ON/OFF → General. To improve user experience, turn on AdPacks Statistics (Admin Panel → Turn Features ON/OFF).


Go to Admin Panel → Revenue Sharing → AdPacks and adjust settings:

 *Important note: Each user can only view one distinct ad per day. Therefore, it is important that Revenue Sharing Administrator adds as many ads as the number of Daily required clicks. Otherwise, users will not be able to view enough number of ads per day and, in consequence, will not receive AdPack money return. Advertisements added by Revenue Shares Administrator will be automatically approved and displayed in the ad queue for users to watch, unless there is enough ads created by users themselves. 


See AdPacks Types

Field Example
Normal Banner width 468
Normal Banner height 60
Constant Banner width 25
Constant Banner height 25


Field Description Example
Main Name All occurences of the word 'AdPack' on Titan Script will be replaced with this name ExtraPack
Name plural The above in plural form ExtraPacks
Adverts Next ad redirect Ads can be displayed to users automatically one after another, or after clicking Next button
Display Users can either see single Start surfing button, or a list of ads to watch (the first option is especially recommended if Start Pages are enabled)
Auto approval Enabled approval will not be required for adverts
Redirect time Number of seconds before redirecting to another ad 3
Advert change Whether or not it is possible to change advert campaign after buying an AdPack. See Advertising users' Custom Groups
Admin's advert display time Number of seconds during advert is display
Start Pages Start Pages Start Page is an ad that always appears first on a queued list of ads
Price Start Page price 40

Surf Ads

See Surf Ads

New advertisement

The first step towards buying an AdPack is creating a new advertisement. Go to Titan Script → Advertise → AdPack → New advertisement.

  1. Fill the gaps
  2. Validate URL
  3. Add Banners (not required)
  4. Additionally, you can buy a Start Page if available.
  5. Press Create. "The advertisement has been successfully created. It will be available once it's approved by the administrator" message will be displayed (See Approving Campaigns). Note that advertisements added by Revenue Sharing Administrator will be automatically approved and displayed in the ad queue for users to watch, unless there is enough ads created by users themselves.


New advertisement will now appear in Titan Script → Advertise → AdPack → Advertisements, where its status is displayed.

  • Awaiting approval - newly created advertisements require Titan Administrator's approval.
  • Active - appears on the Campaign list in Titan Script → Advertise → AdPack → Buy AdPacks

Buy AdPacks

Go to Titan Script → Advertise → AdPack → Buy AdPacks, specify the number of AdPacks, Campaign and press Buy.


AdPacks Statistics

The table lists all purchased AdPacks and their statistics. If Advert change is enabled, AdPacks' Campaigns can be changed.


See Revenue Sharing Groups

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