Advanced email configuraton

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Advanced email configuraton - configuring your outgoing/incoming email server to point to external server. By default, after the script installation, your SMTP (outgoing) mail server is your localhost server.

When it can be useful?

  • Most of your current emails go to clients SPAM folder.
  • You don't want to have any sending limits.
  • You want to use your well-known email interface.


Go to Admin Panel → Communication → Email → Settings and fill in proper information.

Recommended external SMTP servers

  • SendGrid - marketing & transactional email service. We use it for all our UseTitan transactional email.
  • MailChimp - world’s leading email marketing platform.
  • MailJet - good transactional email service.
  • MailGun - transactional email for developers.
  • SendInBlue - Email and SMS marketing

Those SMTP servers will guarantee you 99.9% deliverability and in most cases, your emails will never go to SPAM folder.