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Installed Networks

Important information about automatic synchronization.

Titan must care about performance [usually there are 2000+ offers to sync], that is why there are 2 different sync-connected actions:

1. Synchronization (sync) - proceed every dayautomatically by CRON module (or can be run manually below). It compares all your CPA/GPT active offers with the ones from the network, and updates them. It affects Synced offers only, it doesn't affect New or Ignored offers. It's fast.

2. Download new offers - proceed manually after clicking the proper button below. It downloads all offers from the network and compares them with all yours. It affects all offers: Synced, New and Ignored. It's slow, that is why it's not triggered automatically every day. If you want to check if there are any new offers or update ignored ones, choose this option.

Adding new network

Create the account on Affiliate Network website

Let's say you want to integrate the following Affiliate Network into Titan: CPALead.

You go to the publisher page and register and account there ( After successful registration & email confirmation, you can log in (

Add new Affiliate Network on Titan Admin Panel

Select new proper network and configure properties.

Return to publisher website find information about Postback Integration

You can find postback URL documentation here ( Paste your postback URL into Global Postback Setup

Configure the Affiliate Network on Titan Admin Panel

Copy account ID from CPALead (top right corner) into Network settings in Admin Panel.

Don't forget to save changes.

Download/synchronize the offers

Try to download new offers for current network.

You can quickly manage offers in your network.

  • Aim title with cursor to see preview of whole offer
  • Click edit icon to change title and description
  • Aim globe icon with cursor to see all specified countries

Save changes with bottom button.


Affiliate Network is installed and offers you selected are synced with Titan. You can see the offers in Admin Panel -> CPA/GPT -> Offers.

Postback log

What is this?

Members are automatically credited with Money/Points after each successful offer completion (the Affiliate Network provider send a callback to Titan). Each successful credit is being put on this list with status: CreditedByNetwork (if offerwall sends a reverse callback the status is ReversedByNetwork). 

Credited - Money/Points actually credited to member account (calculated basing on member upgrade plan)