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Advertise PTC Offer Walls
Publish PTC Offer Walls

'PTC Offer Walls' are advertisements that can be put on Publisher's website to be watched by his users. PTC Offer Wall is only considered completed after all URLs in a set have been watched. It's best to see the demo. Publisher receives money for each click and it is his responsibility to credit his users. You can read about postbacks here: Global Postback.


To allow PTC Offer Wall advertising, Administrator has to create PTC Offer Wall Packs for Advertisers to choose from. Each Pack can have different price, number of ads, display time and completion times. To set these up, go to Admin Panel → Advertising → PTC Offer Walls. Then, the Advertiser has to add URLs to the system in Titan Script → Advertise → My URLs. This will allow Advertisers to reuse their URLs across campaigns without the need to approve them by Administrator. Finally, PTC Offer Walls can be created in Titan Script → Advertise → PTC Offer Walls.


PTC Offer Wall publishing is available in Titan Script → Publish → PTC Offer Walls. This page shows iframe code that can be put on Publisher's website.

Note that the iframe put on a website that has not been accepted will not work.

Publisher's Earnings can be set in Memberships.


You can see an example of Publisher's Website with Titan PTC Offer Walls here:


Publisher's Earnings are calculated as follows:

(Advertpack Price / Completion Times) * (Publisher's Membership PTC Offer Walls profit/100)

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