Anti-Cheat System

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Anti-Cheat System - security system which can help you to avoid online scammers. It is fully automatic and you don't need to control this system.

Anti-Cheat System in Administration Panel


TITAN in every 24h enable scanning system. The Anti-Cheat System analyzes the following information:

  • Payments emails
  • Registration date
  • Registration IP address
  • All IP addresses used
  • PC Information
  • Browser Information
  • Relations between users (referrers and direct referrals)
  • ProxStop (if connected)
  • (if connected)
  • Connected Facebook account

General Settings

To find, go to Admin PanelSecurityAnti-Cheat System.

Settings in Anti-Cheat Section in Administration Panel


You decide which rule you want to enable to control by Anti-Cheat System (see the image to the right).

Bypass security settings

You can disable some of your users from Anti-Cheat System control. To do it, go to Admin PanelMembersList → click "edit" button next to one of your users → EditSecurity and click "Yes" next to Bypass security.