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There are six different member balances available in Titan at the moment. All balances, except for Main Balance and Purchase Balance, can be turned ON/OFF in Admin Panel.

General Settings

General Settings and Virtual Currency

The first step to set up Titan Balances is to go to Admin Panel → Money → Balances and Currency → Currency → General currency.

This is where the Currency Sign and its corresponding Currency Code can be set up.

Main Balance

Main Balance is where all user's profits are credited by default. This balance cannot be turned off. Main Balance is the only balance from which users can withdraw money.

Purchase Balance

Purchase Balance, also referred to as Repurchase, is used for all purchases by default. When users transfer money to Titan Script using payment processors, the money will be credited to their Purchase Balance.

Purchase Balance cannot be transferred to Main Balance. This rule exists so that users cannot deposit their money and then withdraw it without investing.
Basic money flow in Titan

Cash Balance

Cash Balance, also referred to as Fresh Funds, is disabled by default.

Users can:

  • deposit money to Cash Balance,
  • transfer from Cash Balance to PurchaseBalance (if enabled in Admin Panel → Money → Settings),

But they cannot

  • withdraw from it,
  • transfer from other Balances to Cash Balance.

Once enabled, Administrator will be able to choose features that can be purchased using Cash Balance.

Traffic Balance

Traffic Balance is only available if Traffic Exchange is turned on. This balance is used to purchase Traffic Exchange advertisements. Also, when users surf Traffic Exchange ads, they are credited to their Traffic Balance.

Commission Balance

By default, all referral commissions are credited to referer's Main Balance. If Commission Balance is enabled (Admin Panel → Money → Balances and Currency → Balances), referral commissions will be credited to Commission Balance.

Users cannot make purchases using Commission Balance, but Titan Administrator can allow them to transfer money from Commission Balance to Main Balance (Admin Panel → Money → Settings → Transfers → Transfer from Commission Balance to Main Balance).

Virtual Currency

Virtual Currency is a Titan Script currency which name and value can be adjusted to Titan Administrator's needs. To enable, go to Admin Panel → Money → Balances and Currency → Currency → Virtual currency.

Virtual Currency can be used for Achievements, CPA/GPT Networks and Contests.

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