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Turn on Revenue Sharing
Turn on CashLinks
Create new advert pack
New Campaign
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Cash Links - Ads similar to PTC, available after turning on Revenue Sharing. They are advertised on Titan Script → Advertise → Cash Links. Users who click on a Cash Link receive 50% of its' advertised value (100% of what is displayed), the other 50% goes to the User's direct referer.


To enable Cash Links, it is required to turn on Revenue Sharing (Admin Panel → Revenue Sharing → General) first. Then go to Admin Panel → Website → Turn Features ON/OFF → General. To improve user experience, turn on Cash Links Statistics (Admin Panel → Website → Turn Features ON/OFF → Additional).

Create new advert pack

Creating an advert pack is essential for enabling users to advertise Cash Links. Go to Admin Panel → Advertising → Cash Links → Packs → Create new advert pack and create a pack. The newly created pack will be displayed on a list for users to choose from to create a new advertising campaign.

New Campaign

This process is the same for both users and Titan Administrator. Go to Titan Script → Advertise → Cash Links → New Campaign

  1. Validate URL
  2. Add Geolocation
  3. Press Send to create the campaign. "The advertisement has been successfully created. It will be available once it's approved by the administrator" message will be displayed (See Approving Campaigns).


All created campaigns are displayed in a table, where users can follow their progress and pause/activate them.

  • Awaiting approval - newly created campaigns require Titan Administrator's approval.
  • Paused - once approved, the campaign's status changes to Paused. Users can then set them Active.
  • Active


Users can earn money by watching Cash Links ads (Titan Script → Earn → Cash Links).

How does it work?

Value of a single click is calculated by dividing the price that an advertiser paid for a specific campaign by the number of clicks. Half of this value is credited to the user who watched the ad, and the other half is credited to his referer.


Campaign price = $10

Clicks = 100

Value = Campaign price/Clicks = $10/100 = $0.1

User's credit = Value * 50% = $0.05

Referer's credit = User's credit = $0.05