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First, make sure to make a backup copy of all files that you want to modify. To change the text on the home page, open your Root directory and find ~/default.aspx file. You can modify the HTML according to your needs.

Header section

Main menu

Header section of the home page contains logo/site name area, main menu, and language switcher. At the top-left corner of the page, by default TITAN displays the contents of AppSettings.Site.Name variable. You can replace it with plain text if you need. Customizing menu items however require a little bit more work and attention.

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Home content

Welcome screen

You can easily change the welcome text section of your home page. Open your root-level default.aspx file and find <div class="container home-content"> line.

<div class="container home-content">
  <h1>Welcome to <%=AppSettings.Site.Name %></h1>
  <h3><%=AppSettings.Site.Slogan %></h3>
  <p><%=AppSettings.Site.Description %></p>
  <a href="register.aspx" class="btn btn-theme"><%=L1.REGISTER %></a>
  <a href="sites/advertise.aspx" class="btn btn-outline"><%=L1.ADVERTISE %></a>
  Or see our local <a href="/sites/representatives.aspx">Representatives</a> for more information.

Following variables can be set in the Admin Panel.

  • AppSettings.Site.Name
  • AppSettings.Site.Slogan
  • AppSettings.Site.Description

If you need more flexibility remove the variable along with surrounding code render brackets( <%= %>) and type whatever content you need.

Custom counters

By default animated counters rely on four basic stats that TITAN offers:

  • total number of registered users
  • total amount of money earned, applicationwide
  • number of users that are currently logged in
  • total payout
You may want to display another metrics, or numbers completely unrelated to TITAN internals. If this is the case, head to <div id="milestone" class="content bg-black-darker has-bg" data-scrollview="true"> line and edit each of
applying the following template:
<div class="milestone">
                            <div class="number" data-animation="true" data-animation-type="number" data-final-number="{NUMBER}"></div>
                            <div class="title">{TITLE}</div>

replacing placeholders in curly brackets with desired values.

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Services section

The services section of the home page is an ideal place for highlighting uniqueness and reliability of your business, or you can simply list your features there. In order to edit service boxes, open default.aspx file and customize each of <div class="service"> blocks according to the example below:

<div class="service">
  <div class="icon bg-theme" data-animation="true" data-animation-type="bounceIn">{FA_ICON}</div>
  <div class="info">
    <h4 class="title">{TITLE}</h4>
    <p class="desc">{DESCRIPTION}</p>

replacing placeholder in curly brackets with desired values.

{FA_ICON} - a Font Awesome icon element, visit for detailed manual.

Warning! Do not remove the

<titan:Countdown runat="server"></titan:Countdown>

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