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Co-Administrators - a feature that allows the administrator to provide chosen users with certain rights to help you manage the website. Each of the co-administrator can have different rights, permissions, and access.


Admin Panel -Dashboard - Co-Administrators

Go to: Admin Panel -> Dashboard -> Top Right Corner -> Co-Administrator

Adding New Co-Administrator

Add New Co-Administrator:

To add new Co-Administrator click “Add New. Create a username and password for him and then provide him with login details. Co-Administrators use the same Admin Panel URL as you do.

Manage Existing Co-Administrators:

Examples of the Admin Panel Sections

To manage existing one, click “Manage”. You can edit the access for the co-administrators after clicking "see details and edit". There is a long list of the access which can be granted to the co-administrator and it is admin decision which section of admin pane co-administrators are able to access. Each of the co-administrators can have a different range of access.