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Contests section in Administration Panel

Contests - rivalry between members for profits. There are various types, rewards and restriction of contests available in Titan.

Creating contests generate profits and engage users.


There are various types of contests. Your members can be promoted per different actions:

  • Direct Referral - per every direct referral brought to the website.
  • Rented Referral - per every rented referral bought.
  • Clicks - per every click to PTC advertisement.
  • Transfer - per every payment transfer made to Traffic Balance or Purchase Balance.
  • Offerwalls - per every offer credited from the Offer Walls.
  • CrowdFlower - per every task credited through CrowdFlower.
  • Contests types in Administration Panel
    Forum - per every added post on a forum (selected by administrator).
  • Offer - per every CPA/GPT offer credited.


There are several types of rewards your members can win.

  • Main Balance money - money credited to Main Balance.
  • Purchase Balance money - money credited to Purchase Balance.
  • Traffic Balance money - money credited to Traffic Balance.
  • Points - amount credited to Points balance account.
  • Rewards types in Contest section in Administration Panel
    Direct Referral limit +X - increase the limit of direct referrals.
  • Rented Referrals - increase the number of rented referrals.


You can restrict:

  • Minimum number of clicks member has to have.
  • Minimum number of days (member is registered on your site).
  • Minimum number of rented referrals members has to have.
  • Minimum number of direct referrals members has to have.
  • Minimum number of clicks referrals has to have.
Restrictions types in Contests section in Administration panel

You don't have to set limits. You can put "0" value for no restrictions.

Autoparticipate vs regular participate

If Autoparticipate is enabled, all members who meet contests requirements will automatically become contest participants after making their first contest action. We recommend keeping Autoparticipate enabled.

Otherwise, they need to click "Participate" to be counted.


Contests management can be done in Admin Panel → Members → Contests.

Creating new contests

To create a new contest you need to click "Create new" in the upper right corner in Contests section.

Paused and edit

At anytime you can pause or edit options of contests, click "Pause"or "Edit" button.