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TITAN default homepage

Customizing homepage in TITAN involves editing two files:

  • /default.aspx
  • /Controls/Menu/MainMenu.ascx

default.aspx is a top-level template file that contains all static homepage-related HTML code. There you can attach custom CSS, JS, or any other third-party libraries needed to personalize your homepage.

Changing background image

1. Upload the new background image file to /Images/Home folder.
2. Open /default.aspx file and locate the following piece of code:

<div class="content-bg">
    <img src="Images/Home/titan-home-bg-6.jpg" alt="Home" />

3. Change the src attribute value to path of the new background image file. E.g.

<div class="content-bg">
    <img src="Images/Home/my_new_background.jpg" alt="Home" />

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