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Custom Fields settings, Members section in Administration Panel

Custom Fields - option which is helpful if you need additional, custom information from your members. You can add Custom Fields for Registration. Those fields will be added to Register page, and are available for your access from each page. Those fields are also visible in View Member section in Admin Panel.


To set up, go to Admin PanelMembersRegistration

Adding new filed

To add new field click "Custom Fields" in upper right corner.

Field Description
String ID By this ID you will identify this field, so it must be unique
Label Text, which will be displayed next to de field
Type TexBox or CheckBox
Required Enable/disable.

How can I access Custom Field from the code (for programmers)?

To access the custom field for particular member, use: Member.Current.Custom[StringID of field]. For example (if we have a custom field with String ID = "MomName":

if (Member.CurrentInCache.Custom["MomName"] == "Jessica") {

     do some stuff



Settings in Registration section, Members section in Administration Panel

To set up, go to Admin PanelMembersRegistration

List settings, Members section in Administration Panel

Profiling Survey

You can enable or disable Custom fields as Profiling Survey. If you enable Profiling Survey option, all visible custom fields will not be added to Registration page. They will be displayed as Profiling Survey instead, which will be shown after the login page. Member will be able to complete the Profiling Survey or skip it. You can set reward Points for completing survey.

If you decide to add Custom fields to Registration page you can check on your member list all the details. To check, go to Admin PanelMembersList, click "edit" button next to one of your user and check Custom field section at the bottom of the page.