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Main menu

Main Menu

In order to add, or edit main menu items find MainMenu.ascx and make necessary changes.


Note that menu list items has been grouped by visibility for logged/not logged users.

<asp:PlaceHolder runat="server" ID="ForLoggedInMembers">
<asp:PlaceHolder runat="server" ID="ForNotLoggedInMembers">

You can change text of the menu item by editing contents of the <a> HTML tag:

<li id="pmm1" class="static" runat="server"><a href="<%=ResolveURL("~/default.aspx") %>"><%=L1.HOME %></a></li>

In above example <%=L1.HOME %> is a dictionary string that represents the word 'home' translated into currently chosen language. You can change it to plain text 'Home', 'Homepage', 'Main', or any other word, but then it is no longer being translated by TITAN dictionary service.

Dictionary strings occur in many places throughout the code, always in the following format: <%= L1.WORD %>, or <%=UXXXX.WORD %>

Last item of the menu list is the language switcher. You can choose which languages are available by editing languages array in LanguagePanel.ascx.cs

User menu

User Menu

User menu is the collection of links visible in the top bar in members area. It also contains language switcher and profile section on the right. You can modify its look and behavior by editing UserMenu.ascx file.
Sidebar menu

Sidebar Menu

Sidebar menu aka primary menu is a nested list of all active features available in your TITAN installation. You can add/edit/remove particular items in SidebarMenu.ascx.


Additional notes

Pay special attention to id attributes of HTML elements you're adding. If you duplicate id it can result in unexpected behavior of the script.

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