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Dice Game Settings
Dice Game

Dice Game is a gambling game in which users choose their chance to win, bet amount and roll the dice. The game is completely random and users are able to check whether the roll was fair. It requires Dice Game Module.

Profit Calculation

Profit = ((100% - House Edge)/Win chance) * Bet amount - Bet amount


House Edge = 1%

Win chance = 50%

Bet amount = $2

Profit = ((100% - 1%)/50%) * $2 - $2 = 1,98 * $2 - $2 = $3,96 - $2 = $1,96


Dice Game is provably fair and there is no way the site can cheat users to make them lose.

When users click 'randomize' Titan makes up a secret random string (the server seed) that is used to randomize the rolls. Users are shown the hash of the server seed, and are asked to supply their own random number (the client seed) to further randomize the rolls.

Each time user rolls, the server and client seeds are combined with the number of rolls he has made since the seeds were selected to create the roll.

Notice that users are shown the hash of the server seed before picking their client seed. This ensures that there is no way Titan can influence the numbers users will roll.


Users can verify the system by clicking 'randomize' and checking the values using third-party tools like RGBkey

Site's Bankroll

Users can only play Dice Game if there's some money available in the Site's Bankroll. You can add to Site's Bankroll by clicking 'Invest' using any user account on your website. Dice Game Investors can divest their investments to Main Balance at any time.