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Titan's Fanpage

Facebook advertising - In Titan you and your members can advertise Facebook fanpages and earn money from likes.

Facebook integration

To see Facebook adverts Titan have to be configured with Facebook and user have to be logged from Facebook.

To integrate Facebook see Facebook integration


You can manage your Facebook fanpages in Your Campaigns sections. Go to Admin Panel -> Advertising -> Your Campaigns - > Facebook campaigns. When your fanpage will finish or you will delete it, fanpage will go to history with all fanpages. Then go to Admin Panel -> Advertising -> Facebook and here you can manage fanpages of your members and also set settings and add packs.


Field Description Example
Points per like Value of your points which will be credited for each like. 30 points
Cost of friends restrictions You can set minimum number of friends which is required that user could like fanpage. 2 dollars
Cost of profile picture restrictions You can set that profile picture is required to liking fanpages. 3 dollars