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Facebook integration allows you to use Facebook Login and use Facebook advertising feature on your website.

Setup instructions

Follow the instructions below to complete your Facebook integration:

1.Go to https://developers.facebook.com/?advanced_app_create=true You should see windows as on Step 1 image. Submit "Company" field with your company name, read Facebook Platform Policy and Facebook Privacy Policy, click Yes if you agree.

2. Click "Create App ID"

3. On next step, fill textbox with your App name and enter your contact e-mail.

4. Facebook App Dashbord appear, Go to App Review and Click YES, below "Make [Your App Name] as Public?"

5. Go to Facebook App Settings -

  • Click "Add Platform" Choose "Website", fill Website URL with your domain.
  • In Facebook App Settings enter value in App Domains as your website domain.

6. Go to Titan Admin Panel --> Website -->Settings --> Facebook Tab and paste:

  • Copied App ID from Facebook App Settings into App ID field.
  • Copied App Secret from Facebook App Settings into App Secret field.
7. Save all settings.