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Set geolocation price
Create Custom Field: TextBox
Create Custom Field: CheckBox
Registration form with Custom Fields

Geolocation (Geotargeting) - feature that allows targeting campaigns to specific group of users.


Geolocation price is set individually for each campaign type by Titan Administrator. E.g. to set Geolocation price for Cash Links, go to Admin Panel → Advertising → Cash Links → Settings. Some campaigns, like Login Ads, have geolocation available for free.

Target types


Most basic filter, available for all user campaigns that support Geolocation.


Available for campaigns:


Available for campaigns:


Available for campaigns:

Custom Fields

Custom fields are only available to Titan Administrator, e.g. when creating new CPA/GPT Campaigns.


For this feature to work, users must add required informations when they register. To create Custom Fields, go to Admin Panel → Registration → Custom Fields → Add new field, fill in the gaps and choose the appropriate field type:

  • Textbox field

If Textbox field type is chosen, the value of the Custom Field upon user registration will be of type string. E.g. if Label is set to 'Profession', users may register as 'Marketer', 'IT Professional' etc.

  • Checkbox field

Custom Field will be of type boolean. Label should be set to a question that can be answered with 'Yes' or 'No' - e.g. 'Do you have a car?'.


When creating campaigns that support Custom Fields, you can specify Profile values that will be accepted. E.g. Car=True&Profession=Marketer.

Geolocation with custom fields