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Gift Cards section in Administration Panel

Gift cards - prepaid stored-value card which is an alternative to money to make payments in various types of stores and service sectors (for example: Google Ad Words Platform, for use in beauty salons, restaurants, et cetera). You may offer your users to exchange Points or collected money for gift cards. This is a very good solution that gives the opportunity to advertise goods or services to various companies and encouraged to familiarize with their offer.

General Settings

To enable Gift Cards Setting go to Admin Panel → Website → Turn features ON/OFF → Money and click "Gift Cards".


Gift Cards

It is opportunity for your members to use their Points as a form of payment transaction. Your members decide which Gift Card they want to buy and how many Points they can exchange for Gift Card (see the image below).

Gift Codes

You set number of Points that will equivalent to the amount on the Gift Card. Number of Points for amount on Gift Card may depends of the country, but it can be the same price for all countries. (For example: In United States 200 Points equivalent to Gift Card with a value of 10$, but in Poland your user may need 400 Points to have Gift Card for 10$). You also decide in which countries members can use Gift Card.

Gift Cards and Gift Codes general diagram.png
Gift Cards and Gift Codes example diagram.png


Gift Code Request. How to send code?

Gift Code Request you can find in upper right corner in Gift Cards section. Code entered by you will be automatically sent to your member via email. You can reject request anytime. To check sent codes click "History" in upper right corner in Gift Cards section.


In the Settings section you can create your own email template which will be sent to our users.