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Titan is the first script to introduce global support to all Offer Walls and CPA/GPT Networks. After it's properly installed and configured, you can use any Offer Wall with no extra management. All postbacks are handled 100% automatically.

We can't automatically add all Offer Walls to the script for one simple reason: every Offer Wall configuration is unique and it depends on the account you create in every Offer Wall provider. That is why we wrote tutorial how to integrate each Offer Wall provider into your Titan script.

Universal installation process

Yoy need to complete this process for every Offer Wall you want to install.


Adding new Offer Wall
Activating newly added Offer Wall
Editing newly added Offer Wall

Create new Offer Wall

Go to Admin Panel → CPA/GPT → Offer Walls → Add new and click "Add new, empty Offer Wall" button. After you click the button, you should see a success message. Now return to Installed Offerwalls page. You should now see your newly created Offer Wall as "Awaiting setup..". Activate it.

Edit the Offer Wall

In Admin Panel CPA/GPT Offer Walls Installed Offerwall click "See details and edit" button. You will now see Offer Wall summary page. To edit its settings, click "Edit Offer Wall" in the panel to the left.

Create the Offer Wall in the Offer Wall provider website

Open a new tab. Go to your Offer Wall provider website and create an account there. Next log into your account, and add new Offer Wall/application. Fill in all details and save.

Postback URL

Copy-paste your Postback URL from Titan Admin Panel to your Offer Wall provider website.

Offer Wall HTML

Edit Offer Wall: step 1
Edit Offer Wall: step 2
Testing on your Titan Website
Example of postback test

Find your Offer Wall HTML on Offer Wall provider website and return to your Titan Admin Panel Offer Wall. Paste your Offer Wall HTML code into "HTML code" field. Make sure to replace current member username with [USERNAME] variable. Full list of supported variables can be found below:

Variable Description Required
[USERNAME] Username of currently logged in member Yes
[REGISTERED] Registration date of the member (unix timestamp) No
[EMAIL] Email of the member No
[AGE] Age of the member No
[GENDER] Gender of the member ('M', 'F' or 'U' if unknown) No

You can alternatively use %% instead of [], for example %USERNAME% will work the same as [USERNAME].


Crediting variables

Name Value Comment
Credit as Points/Main Balance Choose how you want to credit users
What is sent? Points/Money Choose Points unless the Offer Wall provider allows you to choose otherwise


Restrict Postback IPs (optional)

For better security, it is recommended to restrict IP addresses that have access to your postback handler. Find IP addresses of your Offer Wall provider in their documentation (if there are any) and copy-paste them into "Whitelisted IPs" field. Make sure to check "Restrict Postback IPs" checkbox.

Postback variables

Go to your Offer Wall provider documentation and read postback documentation. Now return to your Titan Admin Panel and copy-paste all variables:

Name Variable should contain: Required
Username variable Username of the member who completed the submission Yes
Points/money variable Virtual currency (Points) or its money equivalent that should be credited to the member Yes
Tracking Info variable Tracking ID of the submission* Yes
Credit type variable Information whether the postback credits or reverses the submission No
Signature variable Additional security feature. Contains secure signature that signs every postback submission No

*Make sure that Tracking Info variable is unique for transaction and independent of its status (Tracking Info variable should be the same for credit & reverse). It can be for example an Offer Id. It's needed for Credit Locking feature to work.

All variables support both: GET and POST. You can optionally (if required by Offer Wall provider) set "Successful response text". It is the text that will be returned if postback was successful.

Credit type variable

If your Offer Wall provider does not provide the Credit type variable, leave the fields blank.

Signature variable

The security hash variable that proves that postback comes from your Offer Wall provider. The variable and values should be specified in the provider's documentation. If not, leave the fields blank.

Successful response text

Some providers require to send a successful response text, which is specified in their documentation. If not, leave blank.

Test and finish

Save settings

Save your settings on both: Offer Wall provider website and Titan Admin Panel.

Test if your Offer Wall is displaying properly

Go to your Titan Website → Menu → Earn → Offerwall and check if your Offer Wall is being displayed properly. Please note that some providers require approval before they allow displaying their Offer Wall.

Test Postback

Go to your Offer Wall provider website and find test postback feature. Enter example variables and test:

  • Username: admin
  • Amount: 10

Now return to your Titan Admin Panel and go to Postback Log. If everything has been configured properly, you should see your test postback record with status "CreditedByOfferwall". Congratulations! Your Offer Wall has been installed and configured properly.


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Installing particular Offer Wall providers

Before you read this section, please first read Universal installation process above. You will basically have to complete this process for every provider listed below. It just differs on some points.

Super Rewards

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CPA Lead

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