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Default Investment Proof example
Admin Panel - Creating custom template

Investment Proofs - a feature, which allow to create proofs of purchase in PDF format. After a user purchases the plan, TITAN automatically sends the proof to user by email. Administrator can also enable an option to download Investment Proofs from user's History tab.

Template Policy

There are two options of proofs format:

  1. Default
  2. Custom


One-page, small, colored ticket, with automatically generated information like:

  • Name (e.g. Premium)
  • Purchase date (e.g. 3/28/2018 2:07:42 PM)
  • ID number (e.g. P005-18-03-28-00425)
  • Price (e.g. $5000)
  • Money to received (e.g. $10000)
  • Repurchase time (e.g. 365 days)
  • Your domain name (e.g.


  • Note
  • Watermark


Administrator create template via Admin Panel. Template can have up to 6 pages.
Here is a list of available variables to use in template:

  • [PLAN_NAME] - Name of purchased plan
  • [DATE_TIME] - Exact date of purchase of the plan
  • [PLAN_NO] - Unique ID number of purchased plan
  • [PLAN_PRICE] - Price of bought plan
  • [PLAN_EARNING] - Amount that the plan will returns
  • [PLAN_TIME] - Duration of plan
  • [SITE_URL] - Your site url