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Memberships - give your users more possibility of action and increase the possibility of earnings. You can sell different kind of memberships with different rates. You can add for your members access to memberships in two variants: ability to buy memberships or automatic acquisition of memberships after passing a certain number of Points.

General settings

Memberships are automatically enabled. To disable memberships go to Admin PanelWebsiteTurn features ON/OFF. If memberships (upgrades) are disabled, Titan will use settings from Standard membership for all your members.


Memberships management can be done in Admin PanelMembersMemberships.

Creating new memberships

Create new, Memberships section in Administration Panel

You can create any number of memberships. To create new membership click "Create new" in upper right corner. You can personalize your memberships by giving them name and color.

Packs section

In Packs section you decide about price and time of accession per each membership. You can edit details in this section anytime.

Editing new memberships

Click on "edit" button next to one of your memberships on your List of memberships allow you to top up all the details of the membership. Options which are disabled in Turn features ON/OFF in Website section will be invisible in Memberships section.

Commissions Commissions are set for each Referral Tier as percentage of variable price or reward.

Memberships policy

You can decide which policy is better for you and your users. You can choose from two options:

  1. Purchasing memberships - your users can buy memberships directly.
  2. Automatic levels - your users need to pass certain number of Points to got access to memberships.

Upgrade table

Users see what each Membership gives them in Titan Scriptuserupgrade.aspx. You can choose which properties to hide by going to Admin PanelMembersMembershipsSettings.