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Mini Videos - allow your users to upload/watch their videos. The administrator can set a price of upload/buy a video for each membership. He can also set the video availability time. Users can upload theirs videos as well as watch videos of other users. It generates additional income for administrator as well as engage user in additional activities on the site.


1.To access Mini Video settings go to:
Price Settings

Admin Panel - Advertisement - Settings

You can set:

  • How many days video will be active after uploading. After x days video will be removed from the server.
  • Set how many days video will be available for users after purchase

2.To set up price for the both watching and uploading video go to:

Admin Panel - Members - Memberships - see details end edit - Mini Videos

3. Users can access video via their user dashboards:

User Dashboard - Entertainment - Mini Video

User Dashboard
  • Your Videos - user can video uploaded by him
  • Available Videos - the view of all the available videos which uploaded by other users and available to watch after purchasing

4. To add own videos user have to go to:

User Dashboard - Advertise - Mini Video

Adding Mini Video

User can add the description and tittle of the video.