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Offer Walls - landing pages with CPA/GPT offers, provided by outside advertising networks. Can be considered as a pure source of income. It's is highly recommended to use Offer Walls on your website.

Example of SuperRewards Offer Wall.
As you can see, it is automatically translated into member's language and it's displaying geolocated offers only.


There are serveral advantages of adding Offer Walls to your website:

  • Thousands of offers available for your members
  • Additional earning opportunity
  • Pure profit (except fraud submissions. See How to protect against fraud submissions)
  • Automatic, real-time crediting (using postback)
  • Whole process is automatic, you don't have to approve submissions.
  • Everything (finding advertisers, adding offers, accepting/denying submissions) is done on Offer Wall provider side.

Installation and configuration

See Installing and configuring Offer Walls


After Offer Wall is installed, you don't need to take any actions to manage it.

Activating, pausing and deleting Offer Walls

To pause your Offer Wall (stop it from displaying), go to Admin Panel → CPA/GPT → Offer Walls → Installed Offer Walls and click "Pause" button. To make it active (being displayed) again, click "Activate" button. To delete particular Offer Wall from your system, click "Delete" button.

Direct URL to Offer Wall

Your members can access particular Offer Wall directly via its direct link. To see the link for the Offer Wall, go to Admin Panel CPA/GPT Offer Walls Installed Offer Walls and click Go To Direct Url button. Please note that you need to be logged in, to access Offer Wall page.

Protecting against fraud

See How to protect against fraud submissions

Analyzing Postbacks

It's recommended to monitor your Postback Log all the time (see Postbacks). You can check all your postbacks logs from Offerwalls in Admin Panel CPA/GPT Offer Walls Postback Log.