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Setup Profit Division
Pool Balancing

Profit Division - feature that makes it possible to set up how much money will be spent on Profit Distribution for AdPacks by specifying Profit Sources used.

Profit Sources available for Profit Distribution


By default all Profit Sources target Administrator Profit, which means that no money is available for AdPack Profit Distribution. When turning on AdPacks, Titan Administrator should target some Profit Sources to AdPack Profit Distribution.

If you have referral, calculated bonus is counted down from profit source before distribution.

Here is how:

Go to Admin Panel → Money → Pools → Division → Add new rule. Select the desired Profit Source, Target Pool = AdPack Profit Distribution, set the Value in percentage and press Add.

Distribution without Pool Balancing

Pool Balancing

At the end of each day, money from AdPack Profit Distribution pool is being distributed between users that purchased AdPacks. However, it may happen that in some days the pool is very small, and in some days it's huge (low vs high sales). So sometimes users would receive big returns and sometimes they wouldn't get any money at all. This is why Titan introduced Pool Balancing. To set up Pool Balancing, go to Admin Panel → Revenue Sharing → Profit Distribution → Pool Balancing.


There is $700 profit that is available for today's AdPack Profit Distribution pool. Instead of transfering $700 to today's pool, Titan is balancing this revenue for 7 upcoming days. So $100 will go to today's AdPackRevenueReturn pool, $100 will go to tomorrow's AdPack Profit Distribution pool, $100 will go to the day after tomorrow's AdPack Profit Distribution pool etc. This way, AdPack returns will be well - balanced.

Distribution with Pool Balancing