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Searching new opponent
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Stages administration

Pvp Jackpot - game where users can buy packs of games named stages and compete with others.

  1. Every stage have three tickets to play. Every ticket value is equal to 1/3 of price for stage.
  2. After buying of stage, user can start playing. System will acquire new opponent for every battle.
  3. If there will be no user to play with, current user searching opponent will be paired with bot. You can set manually maximum time of search for opponent.
  4. In Admin Panel you can set up bot win chance.
  5. There is also option to enable force 2/3 wins ratio. Every user will be forced to win 2 games in every bought stage.
  6. You can add new and control all prepared stages on list. While creating new stage you can set:
    • Name
    • Cost
    •  % of cash for win                        

% of cash for win is amount of money that will be given to winner. This is multiplied value of ticket's value.

E.g. User bought StageA for value of $3. Every ticket's value is $1. If % of cash for win is set to 180%, user will get $1.8 for every win.

Admin is able to set direct referral fee for every stage buy.

All actions from Pvp Jackpot will be connected with PvpJackpot Game Pool (stage buy / win payout / referral payout).

IMPORTANT! You can buy Pvp Jackpot stages only with funds from Cash Balance. Cash won by users will be credited to their main balance.