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Group Policies

There are four Revenue Sharing Group Policies in Titan. They can be managed in Admin Panel → Revenue Sharing → Groups Management.


There are no groups in the Revenue Sharing system. The amount of money users receive each day depends on the amount of money available in Revenue Sharing Daily Pool or the Fixed Amount (Admin Panel → Revenue Sharing → Profit distribution). All users who purchased AdPacks receive the same amount of money every day.

Automatic Groups

Automatic Groups speed up the process of AdPack ROI (Return Of Investments). Users join them automatically by buying AdPacks. The more AdPacks they buy, the higher Group they join.

Admin Panel: Add Groups

How does it work?


AdPack Price = $10

AdPack ROI = 105%

Daily Distribution (Fixed Amount) = 2% of AdPack Price = $0.2

The time it takes to get the whole ROI amount without Automatic Group = (AdPack Price * AdPack ROI) / Daily Distribution = 53 days

Automatic Group's Accelerated profit = 110%

Calculated Daily Distribution = Daily Distribution * Accelerated profit = $0.2 * 110% = $0.22

The time it takes to get the whole ROI amount with Automatic Group = (AdPack Price * AdPack ROI) / Calculated Daily Distribution = 48 days

Custom Groups

Custom Groups allow users to join together and either increase or accelerate their AdPacks' ROI. This feature requires TITAN Revenue Sharing/Custom Groups.

Admin Panel


Custom Groups Settings allow Titan Administrator to choose whether Custom Groups will increase or accelerate ROI. First option will simply increase the amount of ROI for AdPacks participating in a Group. The second option will make the Return Of Investments faster.

To choose the reqiured option, go to Admin Panel → Revenue Sharing → Groups Management → Settings.

Custom Groups Settings

Adding Groups

Go to Admin Panel → Revenue Sharing → Groups Management → Custom Groups and add new group:

Field Description Example
AdPacks required to create Minimum number of AdPacks required to create the Group 10
AdPacks required to complete The group will start working once it reaches the specified number of AdPacks 100
Increased/Accelerated Profit AdPack ROI will be increased/accelerated by this value 5
Max open instances Max number of incomplete Groups created by a single user 3
Max AdPack add / withdraw progress Max percent of money returned from a single AdPack that allows a user to add the AdPack to a Custom Group, or remove it 10
Admin Panel: Add Groups

Titan Script

Open/Join/Leave Groups

Go to Titan Script → Advert → AdPacks → Groups.

  • Click on the Group's name to Join/Leave the Group
  • Press Open Group to open

Automatic + Custom Groups

This Group Policy shows just how powerful Titan is - it allows you to combine features of both Automatic and Custom Groups. Requires TITAN Revenue Sharing/Custom Groups.


Automatic + Custom Groups