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Shoutbox - allows you and your members quickly exchange information without needs to post them on the forum.

Shoutbox settings in Administration Panel


To set up, go to Admin PanelCommunicationShoutbox

General settings

Field Description
Setup Availability For All (default) - Shoutbox is displayed for logged-in and and not logged-n members

Only for Registered - Shoutbox is displayed only for logged-in members

Disabled - Shoutbox is disabled and not displayed

Only logged-in members can chat
Content Display Only Chat

Chat + Events

Chat + Events (in separate tabs)

Member information Avatar

Country flag

Admin Country flag

Admin color

Moderate color

You can personalize details visible in Shoutbox.

Banned settings

You can create your list of banned words and members. In upper right corner you can click "Banned words" or "Banned members". You can delete words from banned list anytime. In "Banned members" section you can decide whose member and for how long you want to banned, you can unbanned user anytime as well.

Security settings

You can enable or disable messages that contain URLs.

Commands settings

Commands are special syntax messages that trigger actions instead of just being sent as plain text. Click "Commands" in upper right corner, you can enable or disable Commands in Shoutbox.