Titan 6024 Update

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Official update to TITAN Script released on 01.03.2019 Full changelog can be found below:

- Added Web.Optimization class to the whole project
- Added JS and CSS performance bundling (this speeds up website loading time a lot)
- Added support of CoinMarketCap API latest version: https://pro.coinmarketcap.com/migrate/ 
- Added ability to add a global email draft for all sub-drafts (this allows to style all system emails nicely)
- Added Internal Exchange data to API: https://domain.com/xapi/ticker
- Added possibility to send mass emails to users with a particular account status
- Fixed issues with AdScendMedia CPA/GPT offers postback
- Hidden affiliate network name in CPA/GPT offers history and balance logs
- Added ability to set monthly SELL limits in Internal Exchange (for each pair)
- Fixed bug with Internal Exchange daily SELL limits
- Added auto refresh to offers tables in Internal Exchange (Admin Panel)
- Added ability to withdrawal all BUY/SELL offers in Internal Exchange (Admin Panel)
- Added commissions for YouTube Subscriptions
- Added new file permission checkers on Admin Panel dashboard (~/Images/Avatars/ && ~/Images/UserDocuments/)
- Fixed bug with wrong channel ID for YouTube videos
- Added 24Volume to statistics on Internal Exchange page
- Added ability to include deposit fee in Payment Buttons
- Added dynamic counter for PTC ads refresh time
- Fixed bug with displaying bid fee in Internal Exchange
- Custom Fields values are now being displayed on users Settings - General page
- Added ability to allow users to edit their custom fields on Settings page 
- Moved Gift Card email draft to Admin Panel - Communication - Email Drafts
- AdScendMedia Offers API will now download offer images too
- Added offer image to offers preview in Admin Panel - CPA/GPT - Offers and CPA/GPT - Affiliate Networks
- Fixed issue with saving XRP address on Settings page
- Added various checkers to Balances & Wallets page in Admin Panel
- Hidden Banner filters from Money - Logs when banners are disabled on the website
- Fixed issues with token deposit when token is your website global currency
- Fixed a serious issue with editing PTC/TrafficExchange ads when its status is still "Awaiting payment"
- Added option for direct cryptocurrency depost via address to all balances (without CoinPayments button and branding)
- Added filters to Downloading users data as CSV feature in Admin Panel -> Members List
- Last Activity on Direct Referrals page will now show the time of any user activity (previously it shown activity that brought sponsor some profits)
- Added ability to manually add Investment Plans to users via Admin Panel
- From now Commission Withdrawals works the same as Main/Wallets Withdrawals (restrictions & limits)
- Add mobile support for Welcome Tour module (separate set of elements for mobile devices)