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TrafficGrid section on the website

TrafficGrid - form of game which let your users create and manage advertisement campaigns to be viewed by other members through the surf system. There are many types of rewards. Your users can earn not only a Traffic Balance as it is in Traffic Exchange, but they can earn Main Balance, Ad Balance and Points as well, or they can increase Direct Referrals limit.


To enable/disable TrafficGrid, go to Admin Panel → Website → Turn features ON/OFF.

The TrafficGrid won't be displayed if there are no TrafficGrid advertisement campaigns (those created by advertisers + those created by the administrator).


TrafficGrid management can be done in Admin Panel → Advertising → TrafficGrid.

Packs, TrafficGrid section in Administration Panel

Advertisements settings

To edit, click, "Advertisement" in upper right corner. You can active, paused, finish or reject advertisements anytime. You can also edit campaign settings added by your members.

Creating new advertisement pack

To create new advert pack, click "Packs" in upper right corner and top up all the details (see the image on the right).

Settings, TrafficGrid section in Administration Panel

Settings section

To edit "Settings", click the button in upper right corner. In this section you need to top up all the details. You decide about all prizes daily limit and about probability of winning particular reward. Sum of numbers in particular rewards must be 100%. The probability of winning any prize is dependable on the particular membership. To change it, go the Memberships settings. In Memberships settings section you can set up TrafficGrid daily hits, TrafficGrid ad duration and chance to win in percents.

Prizes value daily limit

All summed up prizes value during one day can't exceed limit which you selected. Points are recounted to money and rented referral price is also being assessed (user can't reach his rented referral limit). The minimum amount is $0.5.

Prizes which are distributed they are generated random from range set by administrator.

Your Campaigns

You can create your own TrafficGrid campaigns. To create new campaign, go to Admin Panel → Advertising → Your Campaigns, click "Create new" in upper right corner and choose TrafficGrid.

Title and Target URL

You need to type advertisement title and type website (target URL) which you want to advertise.


You can choose the duration of the campaign and display time of advertisement.