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Traffic Exchange - a system which let your users create and manage advertisement campaigns to be viewed by other members through the surf system. Your users earn Traffic Balance money per each view. They can later exchange Traffic Balance for views for their own campaigns. Enabling Traffic Exchange can also increase income for you (outside advertisement purchases directly to Traffic Balance).

Packs, Traffic Exchange section in Administration Panel

General Settings

To enable Traffic Exchange, go to Admin PanelWebsiteTurn features ON/OFF.

Enabling Traffic Exchange in "Advertise" section automatically turn on Traffic Exchange in "Earn" section. However you can disable "Advertise" section anytime, and Traffic Exchange in "Earn" section stay enabled and let you earn money from ongoing campaigns until their end.


Settings, Traffic Exchange section in Administration Panel

Traffic Exchange management can be done in Admin PanelAdvertisingTraffic Exchange.

Creating new advertisement pack

To create new advert pack click "Packs" in an upper right corner and top up all the details (see the image on the right).

Settings section

To edit "Settings" click the button in an upper right corner. You can decide how to redirect advertisements: automatically or by clicking a button. If you choose automatic redirect you need to choose redirect time as well (see the image on the right).

Source of traffic

The advertiser can decide about traffic source by choosing from two options:

  1. Your website.
  2. Direct (anonymous).

Your Campaigns

Traffic Exchange campaign in Administration Panel

You can create your own Traffic Exchange campaigns. To create a new campaign, go to Admin PanelAdvertisingYour Campaigns, click "Create new" in the upper right corner and choose Traffic Exchange.

Title and Description

You need to give a name to your advertisement and briefly describe. Then you need to type website (target URL) which you want to advertise.


You can choose a pack with a predefined set of preferences (when advertisement ends and display time). You can choose the duration of the campaign,a display time of advertisement and time between views.


You can decide for whom members advertising is designed and you can decide in which countries are allowed to watch advertisement as well. You don't need to choose a country and then all countries are allowed to watch an advertisement.