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TITAN Team constantly work to provide you with the best product possible - that forces us however to implement major changes in application core files that - in rare cases - can result in unexpected behavior and cause minor theme incompatibility issues. However if you follow those simple rules below, you always keep your template customizations in place.


TITAN updates do not replace your MASTER files. That means you will never see TITAN reverting to its default theme as long as you follow general TITAN custom templating guidelines. Below you can find the list of files, which will not be replaced in the update:

MASTER files:
  • Sites.master
  • Sites.master.cs
  • User.master
  • User.master.cs

Configuration files:

  • Web.config
  • Global.asax
Other files excluded from direct update:
  • default.aspx
  • default.aspx.cs
  • login.aspx
  • register.aspx
  • register.aspx.cs
  • resetpwd.aspx
  • user/default.aspx
  • user/default.aspx.cs
  • status.aspx
  • splash/welcome.aspx

  • Controls/Menu/MainMenu.ascx
  • Controls/Menu/SidebarMenu.ascx
  • Controls/Menu/UserMenu.ascx

For further information please see custom theme article. If, in the future, any of aforementioned files needs to be changed or replaced within consecutive updates, our Automatic Updater will handle this task seamlessly.


From Titan 6004 onwards, updates do not affect core CSS files. Instead, every update is released along with its very own minified CSS file (that should not be modifed). e.g.


These CSS files are included in CustomHeader.ascx just before your actual custom header content. That allows you to override their rules if needed, simply relying on the cascading nature of CSS.

For further information please see custom header article.

Automatic Updater

Automatic Updater is a tool we developed for our clients to reduce time and cost of update process. It takes charge of database schema update and minor yet necessary changes in application files that are not replaced automatically within update.