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Power Packs - packages with new features, that extend standard Titan releases. Power Packs can be activated directly via Titan Admin Panel.

How to activate Power Pack?

Go to Admin Panel → Power Packs. Next click the "Buy" button and pay for the pack. After it's purchased, re-log into your Admin Panel to see the effect. All Power Packs are compatible with each other. For example, you can activate Power Pack #1, #2, #3, #4, and #5 at the same time. 

Why UseTitan introduced Power Packs?

In 2013-2016 we released a lot of Titan updates. In every update there were new features added, small improvements and bug fixes. We charged $19 for every update, because it took us a lot of work to introduce new features all the time. It is recommeded to keep your script up to date - for security reasons. But it was not fair for our customers to pay $19 per update just to keep their script secure. We changed that.

That is why from June 2016 all updates are FREE of charge for all our customers. In updates you can find all bug fixes, all script improvements and small new features. You get it all for free. Complex features (that took a lot of time to code) are now packed into Power Packs.